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#### Notice: Beta will end and official launch will begin on 07.06.2024 - 18:00 Server Time (GMT+3) ####
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Enjoy with exchanges! Good luck

Click on an item to find out what items you can draw:

NPC: Victorious Emblem of Juraid

NPC: Lotto

NPC: Abyss Gem

NPC: Christmas Present

NPC: Fortune Pouch

NPC: Red Treasure Chest

NPC: Green Treasure Chest

NPC: Blue Treasure Chest

NPC: Master Treasure Chest

NPC: Store Treasure Chest

NPC: Border Defense War Chest

NPC: Weapon Treasure Chest

NPC: Fragment of Arrogance

NPC: Fragment of Gluttony

NPC: Fragment of Rage

NPC: Fragment of Sloth

NPC: Fragment of Lechery

NPC: Fragment of Jealousy

NPC: Fragment of Avarice

NPC: Silvery Gem

NPC: Red Gem

NPC: Yellow Gem

NPC: Blue Gem

NPC: Green Gem

NPC: Black Gem

NPC: Troll Soul

NPC: Merchant Reward Token

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