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Protecting Your Account

Yes, there are evil people who want to steal from your EldraKO account. And, yes they will target accounts that have a lot invested in them.

- Imagine this -

You log into your account to take part in this week’s Castle Siege War, load up your level 70 Shadow Bane and your Rogue Chitin Shell set +7 and Uniques are gone.

Does this sound like something you’ve heard about or experienced before?

There are ways to protect yourself. The EldraKO Support Team would like to help YOU, our valued user, prevent this from happening by offering these important account security tips below:

- DON'Ts -

- DOs -

- For PC Café users -

- DON'Ts -

  • Do not use 3rd Party Tools. (cheat programs, macro applications, etc).

    There are a lot of applications that not only violate our Terms of Service but contain Trojans that will harvest your username and password.

  • Do not go to 3rd Party Websites that claim to offer services (free game coins, KC or Premium and request you to login in for these).

    Some hacker websites "spoof" or "mirror" the official EldraKO website. They look identical to the official EldraKO website and then request you to login with your username and password in order to get something special. These websites are not affiliated with EldraKO and will probably use the information you provide them to gain access to your account. The official EldraKO website is EldraKO

  • Do not use your EldraKO account name and/or password on other sites (such as Fan Sites or associated forums)

    While we understand that fan sites are an integral part of any massively multiplayer community, please keep in mind that they are not operated by EldraKO. If you choose to create an account with these community websites, it is highly recommended that you do not use your EldraKO account name or password as this could be used to gain access to your EldraKO account.

  • Do not use your account name when naming new characters or when using Name Change scrolls.

    Since your EldraKO account name is not publicly released, creating a character with the same name as your account name increases awareness of your account name and increases your risk of having that information compromised.

  • Do not use a password that can be easily guessed. (birthdates, your name, and/or character name).

    When creating a password, avoid using words or numbers that are easy to guess. Anyone that is trying to access your account information is going to try and use something associated with you. Also using simple phrases or number combinations (12345 or "password") is not advised.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, give your user name and password to anyone.

    This includes clan mates, friends you met in the game and persons claiming to be EldraKO staff. The EldraKO staff will not need this information about your account and if anyone does, you should contact us and report him to us.

    Part of the fun of a massively multiplayer game is interacting with other people and as such we get to know them and interact with them on a personal level. Be aware that they could be anyone. Allowing someone that you have met in game to access your accounts puts your characters and the items that you have worked so hard to get at risk.

  • Do not disclose information about your Security ID or Seal Serial Number.

    This information is something that only the registered user should know. It is imperative that no one else knows your Security ID as that will unlock personal information on the account.

- DOs -

  • Install and update an anti-virus program.

    Make sure to schedule regular full system scans as well as active scanning of running programs.

    There are many malicious programs that masquerade as helpful applications. By keeping your anti-virus protection up to date and actively scanning your system, you greatly reduce your risk of having your personal information compromised.

  • Use complex passwords. (at least 10 characters long, include at least one number, a letter and a special character.)

    By creating a complex password, you increase your account’s security level by making it very difficult to guess or ‘crack’ your password. Some good examples of complex passwords are g#9t$dbe34! (please keep in mind that if you use these specific passwords above you could open yourself up to risk, these are only just examples).

  • Change your password at least once a month.

    By changing your password frequently, someone that does gain access to your account information will not have that access long.

  • Log out of your "Control Panel" session when finished.

    Once you have completed your session using the Control Panel portion of the EldraKO website, click the LOGOUT button. Once you do this, your account can not be accessed from the website unless you log in again.

  • Make sure that you are on an "Official" EldraKO website.

- For PC Café users -

  • Close all browser windows when finished with them.

    This will ensure that all of your browsing sessions are closed and the information that was input during the session has been cleared.

  • Log out of the EldraKO client.

    By doing this, no one will be able to access your characters unless they have your account information.

    If your Café allows you to, you may also do the following to increase security:

    • Clear your browser cache.

      This will clear out all temporary internet files that were used during your browser session, thus helping to ensure that your information stays secure.

    • Clear the browser’s cookies.

      This is another step to clear out temporary internet files that were used during your browser session.

    • Clear browser history

      This is the third step to clear out temporary internet files that were used during your browser session.

    • Shut down the PC or at minimum log out of the Windows session

      This is the final step to help ensure that your information stays secure.
If you suspect that your account security has been compromised (hacked) you should :
  • Scan your computer for Trojan programs, spy ware and viruses.

  • Change your password once you are confident your computer is clean.

  • Submit a support ticket stating the approximate time your account was compromised and as much detail as possible about the occurrence.
These are a few of the things that you can do to ensure your account’s security and what you can do if you suspect your information has been compromised.

We would like to thank you for playing EldraKO and for helping us to make EldraKO a great gaming experience for all.

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